I recently had to create a new EOS account and, as a new user, it was hard to find a simple method that would require no crypto to complete.

You currently have 3 ways of creating an EOS account:

  1. Asking an existing user to create an account for you
  2. Use an exchange to send a recommended 2-3 EOS to signupeoseos smart-contract/dApp. In the transaction memo you must include  your desired account name followed by a dash and then your desired EOS public key.
  3. Use an an account generator service

Since i’m a new user and i wouldn’t want to make crypto payments in the process, i opted for option 3. Most of the services require the payment in crypto.

I found this one: https://create-eos-account-for.me/

It accepts Paypal, and the service cost is about 2$

The only thing you need to prepare in advance is a set of two pairs of keys. You can generate those using this online tool: https://nadejde.github.io/eos-token-sale/

Keep the submitted keys somewhere safe (both public and private) because this is the only piece of data that will allow you to both use and recover your account.