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Raspbmc and Edimax EW-7811Un wifi dongle

Just bough a Edimax EW-7811Un wifi dongle to use on my RaspberryPi. It´s a media center so its running Raspbmc ( which is based on rasbian ). First of all, from my experience, raspberry needs to be powered by an ( at least ) 1A power source for the dongle to work as expected. No drivers needed [...]

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Quick http server for static files ( for development )

If you have python installed, change to your static file directory and $ cd /files/html/ $ python -m SimpleHTTPServer Serving HTTP on port 8000 … This will start an http server on port 8000 that serves all files in the current directory. All the debug is written to console including incomming requests and the [...]


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Test network throughput between two machines

Recently i needed to test the network troughput between my file server and one of the file server clients. I came across iperf, its a client-server command line utility that sends data between the server ( one of the machines of the pair you want to test ) and the client ( the other machine [...]

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